Well…that was special

So, it’s happened. At last. Liverpool becoming English Champions for the 19th time was something that for large periods of time I genuinely thought that I would never live to see, and now that I have, there is a certain amount of contentedness flowing around my ever declining brain.

I’m hoping this works, I’ve attempted to embed a tweet – an American website called Bleacher Report commissioned a talented man by the name of Nick Murray Willis (https://www.nickmw.com/) – and he produced a beautiful animation which, given that I lost my dad not so many years ago, sums up a lot of how I feel, except I had to raise a cuddly toy rabbit above my head in celebration, which was a concern for the rabbit.

I don’t approve of the mickey taking that I have seen on that dreaded social media and in other sources, and I hate that people have obviously forgotten about the worst medical emergency in a century and helped to potentially accelerate a possible second wave in a region of the country that, outside of London, has been hardest hit (and I hope they get that absolute buffoon who decided it was a good idea to damage the Liver Building with a firework, the next visual dictionary that gets published will have this person’s photo next to the word “idiot”). I’m glad that people have energy to burn, but I don’t like it at all and it’s not the way I prefer to operate.

So there was plenty of tears, not very much sleep (that’s still the case, methinks), and an insufferable amount of pride. No need to me to stick two fingers up at Manchester City, in fact I’m grateful to them as Liverpool are currently as good as they are because they had to be in order to finish above the men from East Lancashire, leading by so many points still absolutely leaves my gast thoroughly flabbered. And it will take another enormous effort to try and finish above them next season because we’ve probably annoyed them now, but for now, I shall simply and contentedly sit in my chair with a bottle of caffeinated bubbly stuff (not fizzy coffee…) and smile.

It’s been a heck of a season for me – let’s not mention Liverpool’s achievements any more in today’s piece, but it began to be fun to watch Kingstonian again. An FA Cup run, an FA Trophy run, a trip oop north to defeat a Football League club on their patch, a squad of players that are easy to cheer on because of their honesty and work ethic. Unfortunately some of our squad have left, we have announced departures for Dan Bennett, Connor Davies and Dan Thompson, but they will be replaced with players similarly easy to support – K’s manager Hayden Bird looks just as much at the type of person he wants as the talent they will bring to the squad, it’s a vitally important thing as dressing room harmony is one of the so-called “little things” that if you can get right, you are well on the way to succeeding far more often than not.

I know there’s a large sense of impatience regarding next season, I feel the same way in many regards, the not knowing is actually a great annoyance. But we can’t announce the normal things like season tickets until we know when the season is actually going to start and how many home games each team will have. It is no given that we will be playing 42 league teams in a 22 team division – the FA are apparently looking at a September start, but should the predicted coronavirus second wave be as dangerous as it could be, then it will be delayed even further. I don’t think it’s practicable or fair that a club sells season tickets based on 21 home league games, people could easily be paying too much and there would the added faff of organising partial refunds, etc., etc.

It’s also for this reason that I am having difficulty understanding why clubs are announcing that they have secured the signatures of certain players, registration forms haven’t been sent out by any league as far as I know  and unless players are on contract (good luck paying them if the season is delayed further), then technically they are still free agents; and we know essentially how water-tight handshake agreements can be (or elbow bump agreements these days…).

So basically we still have to wait, we don’t particularly want to, but there’s no choice, really. (By the way, does anyone know whether the FA Trophy and FA Vase have been cancelled or not? The lack of communication from North London is deafening at times.)

I saw the videos that have appeared on Twitter at the same time as everyone else – I did know in advance that the upcoming 12th man scheme was going to be launched, but, like a lot of supporters, hoped that we were going to announce another new player (oops, contradicting myself a little from two paragraphs ago, but since when does football not have continuity errors…?), but you know, waiting is something I’m used to – thirty years for that thing mentioned above, twenty years for Kingstonian to have an FA Cup run, three months for the go ahead from the NHS stop this shielding thing (that arrived on Saturday and I have celebrated by not going out yet…), so waiting until Thursday for more news is an absolute piece of cake.

Don’t forget to have a look at my Moosebert Sport section, there have been new PDFs added since my last blog – turn on your bookmarks to navigate around each PDF, and if you see a mistake then please let me know. Time now to watch some more golf, a sport I wished I had taken up but never did.

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