We don’t need another cliché

No, I’m not going to say seventh heaven or any rubbish like that, but Saturday’s game against Harlow Town was pretty good.

Firstly, I do feel a little sorry for followers of the Hawks, a long journey to Tolworth followed by an abject display by their team. Been there, done it, suffered it. But on the other side of the coin, days like this don’t happen too often and it was a pleasure to watch such a super performance from the men in hoops (and the one in silver at the back!).

It didn’t start too well on the day, another bad night’s sleep worrying about everything and its platypus, a minor and prolonged anxiety attack in the hour before leaving for the game which didn’t end until just before kick-off when I forgot I was having a minor anxiety attack. These are happening too often, I have to find a way of either ignoring them better or eliminating them altogether, suffice it to say that it’s uncomfortable and I haven’t found a way of improving. It’s possibly getting to the silly stage of worrying about feeling like this and then subsequently feeling like this in a ridiculous self-fulfilled prophecy. Anyhoo…

There is still not the 100% confidence that the team is going to produce the performance you want to see, there is still merely hope that something will go right instead of expectancy. Folkestone went very well, Worthing didn’t (though with mitigating circumstances), Camberley went well, I hope this isn’t a pattern. From the get go, Kingstonian tore into a Harlow Town team that froze in the proverbial headlights, and (to use a favourite phrase of mine) refused to take the foot off the throat all afternoon.

I think I’ve said it before, maybe not in this blog as I can’t remember, but there is no use having players of the quality of Louie and Elliott up front if they get no service. On Saturday, at last, they got service, and they got it big time. David Fitzpatrick and Manolis Gogonas down the right were electric, Alfie Doughty and Tyler Brown on the left were revelations, Shaun McAuley and Aaron Lamont are still improving as the season goes on. Alfie has come on loan for a month from Charlton Athletic, I’m already hoping against hope that we can extend the loan. Two goals from the youngster plus two assists and an eye-watering work rate made for one of the most memorable debuts for Kingstonian in a long time. The work rate was matched by everyone else, the attitude to a man was outstanding, if there was a downside to the game for the K’s then I haven’t thought of it just yet and if I did then it would be nit-picking in excelsis.

Yes, Harlow Town were really poor on the day but you still have to get yourself up, make the effort and do the job. Too often, K’s go down (the opposite can be frustratingly true as well) to the level of their opposition and matches degenerate into a bit of a dogfight between two poor teams. In the last two games, K’s have done the job pretty well, putting five past Camberley Town (two levels below us) and a magnificent seven (stop the clichés!) against Harlow Town. As the song on the terraces goes, come on you K’s, keep it going.

Going back to the young lads on loan, my opinion about getting young lads on loan from pro clubs is beginning to change rather quickly. Too often these players essentially drop down to our level, and you look at them playing and wonder what the heck they are learning with their pro club because they look quite clueless tactically and technically. Sometimes they give all the airs of not wanting to be there, sometimes it’s a culture shock that they can’t cope with. Daniel Pappoe when he was on loan with Chelsea was possibly the first one (certainly the first one I can think of) to buck that trend. Last season Dan Bowry, a defender on loan from Charlton Athletic, was a gem of a player. This season, we have James Daly and Tyler Brown from Crystal Palace, whose praises I keep singing about, and now Alfie Doughty from Charlton Athletic, hopefully they will continue to excite and contribute greatly to positive results.

A week with a five goal win and a seven goal win doesn’t happen very often, so it’s probably best not to analyse it too closely and just enjoy it. If we go into Saturday’s big FA Trophy game with Bedford Town with the same attitude then I like our chances very much. However, we mustn’t be complacent, the Eagles smashed Enfield Town in the FA Cup so they must be a good team, we will need to keep going with the same attitude, etc., to get the result we want.

My physio on my back begins tomorrow, I think with this being the initial appointment, it’s a case of lots of people turn up for the appointed time and the sessions are short whilst the physios decide what they’re actually going to do, with subsequent appointments being lengthier. My back has been feeling good in the last couple of days, but that’s happened before and suddenly something’s gone boom. I know one of the things they will say is “lose weight” as if that’s a simple thing,

I just hope that I can actually do the exercises that they will probably give me – when I had sciatica last year I was given a leaflet with some exercises to do to alleviate the pain. The result was being almost stuck on the carpet as I couldn’t get out of the blinkingly stupid position I had to try and get into. I was given easier exercises to do by the actual physio that I saw, promptly didn’t do them very often and found that the sciatica eventually went away.

I’m still upset about having to cut short what would have been a wonderful holiday to Budapest, it got so bad on that trip that walking was very hard, especially on cobbles (lots of them in Budapest!) and sitting was painful too…as was lying down… Things have a silly habit of going wrong on holidays sometimes, apart from this sciatica in Budapest, I’ve managed to get one heck of a man flu in Ypres and felt really ill in Iceland, damaged my knee in the Lake District and had to cut short the Dumfries part of the trip, some bastard once stole my wallet in Brussels, hmm…maybe I should be staying at home… Nah, I need to go back to Budapest as soon as I can…

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