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If I could crawl up and down the walls, and the walls could hold my weight, then I probably would.

If you had read my previous blog, thank you to both of you who did, then you’ll know that I received a letter from the NHS saying that I should stay at home for twelve weeks because I am apparently vulnerable to picking up COVID-19. Basically, being type two diabetic and overweight plus maybe one or two other minor ailments means “vulnerable”. Apart from the odd trip to the corner shop about 200 yards away, I have stuck to the advice.

The advice from HM Government has been confusing, to say the least. And that’s forgetting about the frankly appalling attitudes of a large number of members of the government that basically gives people the green light to ignore any solid piece of advice that has been hidden beneath the reams of waffle, bad faith, hypocrisy and stupidity that seeps out from the bubble that is Westminster on a daily basis.

So, basically, I’m taking my advice primarily from the NHS and in theory I am not able to go out and leave the flat (and go further than the corner shop…) until 6th July. So, two weeks and three days (ish) to go. But then the problem will be that I don’t think that my workplace will be ready to return to so I’ll probably be working from home like I have done since March for a few more weeks yet. But at least in theory Rosey and I will be able to at least visit a park or something, just to see something aesthetically pleasing in person instead of on the television or PC.

We’re still waiting to see when the 20-21 season will begin for the K’s and the rest of the Isthmian League, there has been no official messages as far as I know – though I have just spotted on Twitter that the FA have apparently told the Step 5 and 6 clubs to expect a September start if current plans go through. Dorking Wanderers have also possibly been told something as they’ve announced a friendly with us for late August at the Meadowbank, I haven’t officially been told yet hence no announcement from us but I have no reason to believe that the Wanderers are making stuff up.

Whilst I have no opinion really about the cancellation of the seasons for Steps 3 and downwards (unless something incredible happened, I didn’t see us getting into the play-offs as we were beginning to struggle to score goals, so I think for us nothing was gained nor lost), at least the authorities showed a bit of leadership and decisiveness. Whatever was decided, for somebody it was going to be wrong, but at least they decided something. But in general, whilst I understand and empathise with football authorities in that we are currently involved in a situation not seen before for at least a century, but the likes of the EFL, the National League and to an extent the FA have absolved themselves of responsibility for sorting out and controlling their part of the mess that has been handed to them. Instead, they passed the buck on to the clubs, who, naturally, have looked after themselves.

Now I will admit a bit of bias, as I am unhappy at the relegations of both Tranmere Rovers and Liverpool’s women’s team (though I will write about them in a few moments), and because of that bias, I was in favour of anyone coming up with a way of deciding matters without resorting to relegating any team, and if by promoting teams some divisions had too many clubs then it shouldn’t be a problem as you could easily come up with a temporary one-or-two-year system (albeit probably very unwieldy) to rectify the situation in 2021 and/or 2022 when hopefully the human race takes a break from trying to destroy itself.

It seems as if, in England at least, and maybe in Scotland too as I watch events up there with increasing incredulity, governing bodies govern but only when it’s safe to do so.

Anyway, what’s done is done, Tranmere will be back in League Two in 2020-21 and I hope that they are strong enough to take out their frustrations on their new opponents, one of which is for me one of the good news stories of the season in the shape of Barrow, and haul themselves up to the top three come next May.

Liverpool’s women, although relegated by 0.11 of a point, in a large way deserve to be relegated, so disappointing as it is, one win in fourteen games was not good form. But Vicky Jepson, Liverpool’s manager, and the players are not to blame.

Not that long ago, we had Matt Beard as our manager, and he turned our team from also-rans to League Champions on two consecutive occasions. It was a privilege to meet him at a K’s game away to Dorking Wanderers at Westhumble, and I thanked him for what he did, to me he is genuinely a hero. Hopefully in the next few days this stat will change, but he is the only Liverpool manager in thirty years to win a League Championship, and he did it twice. Look at the standard of player we had – Lucy Bronze, Siobhan Chamberlain, Alex Greenwood, Fara Williams, Natasha Dowie, Caroline Weir, Laura Coombs, Shanice van de Sanden, Asisat Oshoala, I’m sure that they didn’t all play together (and I think Laura might have been on loan from Chelsea, my knowledge of women’s football is, to be honest, much lower than it should be), but wow that’s such a high level.

Since Matt left for the Boston Breakers (and then to West Ham United after the Breakers folded), Liverpool have gone from disappointment to disappointment. Whilst the likes of Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea and now even Manchester United have invested in their women’s teams, with clubs like West Ham United, Crystal Palace and Tottenham Hotspur improving as well, the club whose men’s team are World Champions, European Champions and hopefully in the next few days English Champions almost seem to not admit that their women’s team exists – they pay lip service, but there seems to be a case of “well, the women’s team ticks the box”.

Liverpool Football Club thoroughly deserve the relegation from the Women’s Super League, however Vicky and the Liverpool squad do not, and the owners of the club need to sort themselves out and stop ignoring the women.

I didn’t mean to moan so much about Liverpool, especially as the men seem to have a good chance of winning their first title in thirty years, though I’m not going to admit too loudly to it just yet (we’ve found imaginative ways of messing up before, there’s still time to be ultra creative in this regard), but women’s football actually does mean quite a lot to me, it was highly disappointing for Kingstonian to lose the women’s team, to see Liverpool’s women’s team slowly implode over the last four or five years is especially disappointing.

OK, to finish – you will see that there is something new turning up on the website, and it’s something that the intention is to add to it on a constant basis when time and enthusiasm allows. One of my major hobbies is keeping a database of sports results. It’s grown stupidly big over the years and it’s fairly difficult now to keep up with it, but I’ve wanted for many years to create documents or web pages based on these results.

Partly thanks to my improved learning of how databases work (mostly to do with my job dealing with databases) and thanks to the time allowed by this wretched pandemic, I’ve been able to actually start creating these things. There are undoubted gaps in my tech knowledge and there is also a realisation that this database is stupidly big, so I’ve been trying to work out a way of presenting my stuff online. Off and on, this has taken too long, I find something useful, I’m suddenly not happy with it, I scrap it, back to square one, repeat ad infinitum. I think I’m getting there, though, and I’m now happy enough to upload some things. You are more than welcome to click on “Moosebert Sport” and choose a document. You can download them if you wish (don’t bother printing them, some of them have an eyewatering number of pages), but bear in mind that they will probably change quite a bit, especially if the inevitable errors come to light.

Abbreviations and lists of sources will come later, I don’t want to pretend to have come up with all of these things out of thin air – all the documents are PDFs, they definitely open properly on Google Chrome, and don’t forget to turn on your bookmarks. It is going to be disorganised but that’s something I’ll try to work on.

I’m done for another blog, hopefully I’ll begin to do them a bit more often in the future, I suppose when we’re allowed to watch football again and can go on holidays again, etc., etc., then there’ll be something to say more often, but in the meantime please go back to the Moosebert Sport section as often as you can to check out what else I’ve managed to cobble together.

Stay safe, everyone.

PS: By the way, if, like me, you are completely bored of the view outside your abode – the view from my living room is of boring, characterless, modern roofing – WindowSwap is an amusing temporary alternative. I’m not sponsored by them, I just quite like the website…!

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