K’s win big and I’m not there…

For once in the Surrey Senior Cup, Kingstonian did what they should do, and comfortably defeated a team two leagues below them – there have been too many occasions when Combined Counties League teams were far more up for these games, wanted it far more than we did and deservedly knocked us out. This time Camberley Town were shown no mercy.

It’s a “no-win” situation in many ways, huge shock if you lose, “given a fright” if it’s close, and, as suggested in the previous paragraph, did what they were supposed to do if it’s a comfortable victory.

I’m very happy with the win, but the annoying aspect for me was that I wasn’t there. As previously discussed, I have one or two physical and psychological issues going on, sometimes they team up and render me useless. Tuesday was one of those occasions.

The physical part started it, this back issue, which hasn’t gone away, decided to hurt a lot. The issue is basically (I think) a muscular one, in the lower back on the right hand side close to the backbone (this sounds like a the beginnings of a how to fillet a human lesson…). There are times it’s fine, there are times when it aches a lot, there are times when it feels like a spasm, as if it wants to compress quickly and painfully. Normally, the worst time is when going to bed – lying on my back has never been something I can do, so I lie on my side, and the back hates it at the moment. So at around 4am, comfort break, back feels fine, go back to bed and oh wow and oh ow. Not felt pain like that in a few years.

At work I was fine, walking from the office to West Croydon Bus Station it went again, the bus journey was slow and felt very bumpy, and during this bus journey the psychological element kicked in as my mind begged me to go home. Your back will be worse, it said, you’ll miss kick-off, it said (Rosey and I were going there by car, leaping off point was her workplace at St Helier Hospital and my bus journey was so slow, I didn’t get there until after 6pm), don’t do it, you’ll hate it, you’ll hurt too much. Sometimes I bear it, Tuesday night I didn’t, so we went home, and I watched with a little bit of envy on the interweb as five goals rattled home.

I have suggested on Twitter that this might be a pattern, and maybe if I missed our next game and we won 5-0, then that’s cause for my dismissal from the club as I’m a bad omen. If that’s what it takes for the club to move up that table, surely it’s worth it? All being well, we’re not going to find out, although I will be doing my utmost to try and get hold of that transparent aluminum that the eminent Montgomery Scott used in Star Trek IV to transport two whales from the 20th century to his own (long story, very much worth watching though), and use it to replace that infernal floodlight post that blocks the press box at King George’s Field. It’s unbelievable the amount of football that is played behind that floodlight post, I don’t know how or if my Corinthian-Casuals counterpart copes with everything there, I sure don’t.

The FA Trophy draw thankfully didn’t give us another trip to the South Coast, instead we have a home draw against Bedford Town. The Eagles are a former opponent of ours from about a decade back, and are in the Southern League one level below us. It’s another one of banana skins that we so love falling over but it we play to the best of our ability then I like our chances. Though that’s partly dependent on our willingness to shoot more often – you can’t win the lottery unless you buy a ticket. That game is next Saturday, this coming Saturday we face Harlow Town – last season we gave them a fearful hammering, in retrospect I don’t really know how that happened, it was one of those “we’ve turned the corner” games (yes, another one) that turned out to be a blip in what for the most part was a miserable season. If there are goals, because I’m not hopeful of my chances to finding transparent aluminum, let’s hope that they’re not from behind the floodlight post.


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