Weymouth away

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The waiting is over, the football finally began. And it was hot. And that stupid foot of mine hurt like heck, stopped me from sleeping on Friday night as I predicted, and I felt quite awful Saturday night as I fell asleep at around 9pm. Unusually early for me.

Rosey and I got to Poole without too many problems, though trying to interpret what the sat nav is talking about in Poole town itself was a challenge. As a non-driver, being told to take the second exit at the roundabout and then take the second exit at the roundabout always throws me. It’s obvious what the sat nav is saying, but it always catches my attention. Anyway, we did a small tour of part of Poole before we found the right place and settled down to what for me was an annoying night. I did manage to find out that seagulls wake up remarkably early and they are noisy bastards. I will let them off for this every single time as they are glorious birds to see.

The trip from Poole to Weymouth was straight forward, Rosey insisted on getting the car washed just outside the ground – the car wash people are one of the sponsors of Weymouth FC, and they did a really nice job.

The ground itself was a pleasure to visit. A huge (for non-league standards) main stand with all their bars, offices, dressing rooms, etc., within its confines. It reminded me of what Football League grounds used to be before the clubs erected prawn sandwich areas and lost large chunks of character in the process. Weymouth’s ground had lots of character, the view from near the top of the main stand was excellent and didn’t feel too far away as can easily happen elsewhere, and the burger wasn’t bad either.

This was the first view of most of the new clan of Kingstonian players. It wasn’t the easiest day for an opening game of pre-season. As expected, we played a good team in Weymouth, and overall, by the normal very low standards of a pre-season friendly in the middle of July, this was an excellent game of football. I would expect every player to have been thoroughly shattered by the end of the game as they all hared around the pitch in really warm weather.

I thought we deserved more than what we got, we were beaten 3-1 by two long range effort and a very quick counter attack, two of those goals in the last two minutes, but I’m pleased with what I saw. For a first game, there was a lot more chemistry than normal, the workrate was outstanding, we just didn’t have an awful lot of luck. There was an awful lot more to be encouraged by than there was in the debit column.

After the game, we headed off to Portland to see a bit of water, and the views on the Ferry Bridge are glorious. It’s a shame I didn’t have the wit to take any photos, but the whole area, and this bit in particular, is just beautiful. Again, I’m unhappy that my foot didn’t allow me to actually get out of the car and enjoy it a bit more, but this small visit to the area has me wanting to return.

It’s a visit to Slough Town on Tuesday night, whether I can go depends completely on whether my foot works or not. It’s a visit I want to do, another new ground for me, it’s not too far and hopefully won’t be as warm. It will be a late decision for me, but I hope I can go. We will, however, be at Hastings next weekend because we’ve booked the hotel…!

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