There is light at the end of a long tunnel

I’m not going to talk much about Lewes. Off the field I don’t want to talk about, I have better things now to think about, such as watching paint dry, suffice to say that it didn’t look very good on us. On the field was another poor game, though for a while we did look a little like we had the chance of possibly eking out maybe one or two shots off target once in a while.

The player-go-round continued apace, with much of Dean Brennan’s posse going back nearer to whence they came, Alfie Egan came in on loan from AFC Wimbledon. I’m not convinced that he had a wonderful game, but surrounded by some of the performances of the others as he was, it’s not his fault, and I’m looking forward to seeing him play again. All the goals were defensively poor, the midfield got swamped most of the time and the forwards, well it just looked sometimes as if one of them is just seeing the season out whilst the other one is running around like a mad thing with little support and predictably despite his efforts getting nowhere.

Once again, I’m not sure that we faced opposition that were world beaters, but with days like that, it doesn’t take much to do the job at the moment. Still, I really enjoyed the jumbo frankfurter (with onions), that was very nice indeed.

So, another weekend of wondering how much more of this crap can I take, how stupid am I for going to Margate this coming Saturday, I’m far too tired for all this, most importantly this is not fun any more. I’ll finish the season off, go to as many games as I can (which should be all of them), fly away with Rosey on our planned holiday and make a decision after that.

Last night’s game at Imber Court produced the same “L” in the win-loss column, and ended our interest in the Surrey Senior Cup (on cue I spotted a comment somewhere to the gist of “oh well, we can concentrate on the league” which to me is basically moose shit). But, and I was shocked at this, it was fun.

It wasn’t out of choice, but Kim Harris brought in three youngsters from the under 18s, Owen Coleman and Jay Hawkins started as full backs, whilst Archie Drewett eventually came on as a sub; we had Chace Jacquart who probably hasn’t played a full game in eons, we had a new guy who most recently was with East Thurrock United by the name of Gökhan Can. All of them were just excellent to watch, and (with my biased former Under 18s secretary-type hat on) I’d like to think that they helped raise the morale and team ethic, and we contributed to an excellent game of football. At half time, I even dreamed of that elusive away win.

After a very bothersome start, in which we conceded a two goal lead inside 19 minutes, we showed a lot of heart, refused to go down for the count (an unusual phenomenon in the last three months) and battled hard. Delano Sam-Yorke got one back with a header, almost immediately Aaron Lamont crashed the equaliser home from distance (a word I have learned thanks to some K’s match reports describes this one more accurately, a thunderbastard). And unbelievable, we led at the half when Can slipped past the defence to give us a third goal. A wonderful half of football.

The second half wasn’t too bad, either, though we were unable to score. Two reasons why, one was that we looked totally spent at the end, and two, let’s give Metropolitan Police loads of credit here, they made their half time adjustments brilliantly, led 5-3 halfway through the second half and showed a lot of class. “Ah,” thought I, “this is why they are in the title race in their division.”

So this game got me thinking, that was a 5-3 defeat and I enjoyed it. We had a squad of players, mostly young players, who gave everything, and it was lovely to watch. We have obviously gone completely in the wrong direction this season, opening up the cheque book in order to sign a lot of names has not worked. There are a couple that I wish has stayed, such as Tommy Brewer and Manolis Gogonas, but for whatever reason they have gone, others with names and reputations around them obviously did not fulfil what we thought their potential was. And when this happens to a team with a large budget, people from other clubs roll around the floor laughing their heads off. Quite rightly too. And getting beat heavily and frequently like this is awful to watch.

Therefore, in my opinion, we need to change the infrastructure of some of the club. Most importantly for me, if a way could be found for there to be a budget for a reserve team, we must take it. Owen, Jay and Archie have already shown that youngsters can step up, but it’s such a difficult thing to do. When I was secretary of the Under 18s that won the league two years in a row, we had some wonderful players, but none of them stepped up to be Kingstonian first teamers. Partly because the first team managers didn’t really rate them, but mostly because of the gap between Isthmian Youth League and Isthmian League Premier. Some players made it elsewhere because they had to move to other clubs to progress, and it was really a huge opportunity missed.

If we can have a reserve side somehow playing somewhere (obviously KGF couldn’t happen) then not only do youth team players get the chance to play against adults but fringe first teamers or those returning from injury can get game time without having to loan them out. And we get to enter the Surrey Premier Cup, a competition I’ve seriously wanted to see us win for many years. The advantages outweigh the costs for me, but then I would say that as I haven’t got any brass farthings to rub together to make it possible.

So maybe, there is a little light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a really, really, r-e-a-l-l-y long tunnel. Now somehow, some way, we need to get some points between now and the end of next month. Any more performances like last night, get rid of some of the frankly horrid defensive errors, and we can give ourselves a chance.

Yikes, I’m being slightly positive, I can’t take it any more!!!!

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