The season ends.

There’s not much to say now. 18th place, two places and four points above the relegation zone is how Kingstonian’s season ended. A mere thirteen places and twenty-five points short of our minimum target at the beginning of the season. Cup runs, well, not much better, only in the Surrey Senior Cup did we have any type of good run and only in the Surrey Senior Cup did we go out to a team not a lower level of the pyramid. So, all in all, to grade the season, it’s arguably a D-minus. Not an F as was probably deserved, because we didn’t manage to get relegated, though surviving that was not really our doing.

Last day of the season saw the expected pasting by a Leatherhead side that, having gone in at half time goalless, blew us away in the second half without having to shift out of first gear. One thing that has annoyed greatly is that I have no idea how good the good teams were this season – for example, Dorking Wanderers blasted us for seven, yet I didn’t think they played that well because they really didn’t have to; I’m still wondering how second placed Carshalton Athletic failed to beat us this season, and as for the rest, well, most of the time there was no battle from us, so it was impossible to see an opponent having to go for the jugular as the knock-out blow was usually early. So, losing handily to Leatherhead was predictably disappointing end to a very disappointing season. Rosey and I left the ground as quickly as possible, as promised I didn’t attend the end-of-season do/buffet/whatever-it-was – I’m not that sociable at the best of times, and this wasn’t the best of times, so best for all that I wasn’t there.

There is one bright spot from the last couple of months of this season that must be pointed out, and many thanks go to Kim Harris and Frank Wilson, who stuck their hands up and wanted to help when the previous manager did a runner. Whilst the results didn’t go their way (apart from the wonderful game against Enfield Town) they did their very very best with what the resources that they were stuck with. The players that finished the season did their best as well, but they were lumped into a desperately poor situation as well, circumstances dictated that they were set up for a fall as well, but their attitudes were spot on. Thank you and much appreciation to all of you.

So now we have the slightly weird feeling of our season being finished whilst some other non-league clubs have their play-offs and most of the big clubs playing until May, with the Champions League Final actually taking place in June (with the semi-finals not having started yet!). It’s amazing how non-league clubs get less time to cram in all their league and cup games (four cups for us, sometimes more for some others) and we don’t endlessly whinge about fixture congestion. But anyway, we now have a few weeks to unclench the teeth (and other places) and try to relax for a little bit – the close season is never a complete holiday, after all we need to find a new manager, that manager needs to find a new squad and arrange the friendlies, etc., etc., and that’s the tip of the iceberg.

Me? I’m looking forward to going away sometime in the summer, maybe ask for political asylum in one of the countries I’m visiting. I am undecided whether this blog will continue next season, all will depend on the workload that becoming programme editor once again will give me, maybe I will feel that blogging about K’s automatically means that K’s get beaten every week. But regardless, thank you for reading this season, it’s not been the greatest as far as Kingstonian is concerned, but there is always next year, as the Brooklyn Dodgers’ fans always used to say.

3 thoughts on “The season ends.”

  1. Thanks for the blog Robert. An invariably enjoyable read even when the resources for positive comments were sadly lacking.

  2. Please keep going Rob, always a very enjoyable read. Will completely understand if the Programme commitments make it impossible

    • I’ve thought about it for a while, and I think I will be carrying on. Today’s news (which as I type this has not been released just yet!) has genuinely given me something positive to look forward to.


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