Swapping Urchins for Martians

Saturday was the day for not going to see Kingstonian at AFC Hornchurch. Instead, as threatened in the previous blog, it was the day for watching the score on the interweb, feeling exultant, annoyed and then relieved in very quick order as I followed the scoring on footballwebpages.

Rosey and I were in Birmingham to see the War of the Worlds in concert. The hotel was literally across the road and cunningly hidden within a shopping centre in the Resorts World complex in the south of the city. So cunningly hidden that we obliviously walked past it without noticing just after a rather nice lunch at an Italian restaurant.

The concert itself was not one invasion, but two. The first invasion was of course from those Martians, who didn’t get lost around the Spaghetti Junction nor indeed the ridiculous Coventry ring road that looks like was designed by someone in complete darkness, but found their way to the arena and spouted fire throughout an electrifying performance that was an invasion of the senses. Special effects, light shows, holograms, Jason Donovan, the lead singer of Inglorious (an unexpected bonus), a bloody great big Martian machine that appeared on stage without me noticing – don’t ever employ me in observation tests – an orchestra, a separate band that had the likes of Herbie Flowers and Chris Spedding in it, it was just one great big wow.

When we first got to our seats in the arena, my intense dislike of heights kicked in and I was wondering whether we were going to have another one of those evenings – on four previous occasions we have had to move because the height issue was too much for me (though two of them was due to being in the front row of the circle, that’s not a nice place to be for me). There would have been no chance to move on Saturday, the place looked very full indeed, and as soon as Liam Neeson’s voice began to narrate, followed by the epic first chords from the orchestra, there were no height issues at all, too much to look at all around the arena, too much to listen to from the music. I don’t normally praise shows like this to the hilt, but this was very special, quite often expectations are too high when you go and see something that you have been aching to see for years but never had the chance, but this wasn’t the case this time and I will remember this night for a long time. It was Rosey’s idea to go, and it was rather a good one!

So when I turn up at KGF for Kingstonian’s next game, it will have been two weeks since I last saw them play, an afternoon in which they weren’t really very good. And I still can’t make up my mind as to whether 2-2 against the Urchins is a good result or not – before the game I would have said “not”, but going 2-1 down with four minutes to go, I suppose it might have been. We have two games left this calendar year, and they’re both biggies – this Saturday against Bognor Regis Town at home and then the away game next week against Corinthian-Casuals. Both games are return matches, we won one of them and lost the other but were awful in both of them. We got plain beat by a better side against Bognor Regis, but the August Bank Holiday game at home to Corinthian-Casuals was a case of one supremely rubbish team beating another one mainly by a stupid goal, the very epitome of “having nil-nil written all over it” until the strange goalkeeping error that gifted us all three points. The game on 22nd December will undoubtedly be of a far superior quality as both teams have zoomed up the table, but a lot will depend on which Kingstonian is going to turn up.

We once again seem to be in a mini rebuilding mode with additions to the defence and midfield, additions that have not had the chance to gel yet. In a division that is so stupidly wide open, it’s important to very quickly get started on another positive run, so hopefully they’re quick-gelling players.

Oh well, on to Saturday and the always-difficult prospect of a game with the Rocks. It’s not as if anything else is going on, is it?

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