Another whirlwind week, another defeat, another manager gone, just a normal seven days in the land of the Kingstonians.

Well, Kingstonian Football Club has been brought to you by the letters “W”, “T” and “F” and by the scream of “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”.

The Dean Brennan era came to a quick stop after just five games, culminating in the most disappointing defeat of the lot, a 3-2 reverse against bottom of the league Burgess Hill Town. The bottom line of the game was that on an afternoon that was windy to say the least, the Hillians coped better than the K’s did, even managed to score in the first half with the wind in their faces and they deservedly came away with their first league win since December, a run even longer than our own period of fallowness.

The five match reign did not go well, one win against a Carshalton Athletic team who later would go to Meadowbank and defeat champions-elect Dorking Wanderers, followed by another superfast squad overhaul and then four increasingly disappointing losses. I don’t think I will analyse it too much further as it just gives me a headache, so it’s probably better for me not to think. The last month has been weird, even by Kingstonian’s lofty weirdness standards, so let’s just move on. I had very high hopes five games ago, I thought maybe this was a supreme appointment choice, but for whatever reasons it’s not to be and we just have to put the whole episode into the “good idea at the time” category.

The blame game is naturally flying around everywhere, and everyone including Kingstonian Ted is getting some blame – hey, maybe I annoyed Dean so much by playing “To Win Just Once” by the Saw Doctors on the all-Irish playlist on Saturday, something I play often when we’re on a losing streak (it’s one way of surviving the onslaught whilst using gallows humour), and he got so angry that he walked, I humbly apologise if that was the case – and everyone is entitled to go berserk with pointing of fingers, well whether they’re entitled or not is irrelevant because it’ll happen anyway, but obviously mistakes have been made and lessons do need to be learned. Quite what they are I don’t know, but things have not gone right and a way has to be found to change that around.

I will not go through what I think has been done wrong, partly because I’m not in the mood for that (I got over it a couple of days ago, this is why blogs, etc., should not be written immediately after football matches end) and partly because I don’t know what has actually gone on. I see people saying things that they are trying to label as “evidence” but I have no interest in what Person A thinks Person B did this because Person C’s cat was sick in the wrong place and Person D’s mate said in the pub that Person E hates sky blue pink with a finny addy border and therefore as a result of all this Person F is a **** and needs to join Person G’s octopush team as soon as possible, whilst Person H foxtrot oscars into the distance doing a performance of Swan Lake on top of a pogo stick. As you might be able to tell, I am frustrated with many things, and I am getting bored of being frustrated.

So with that in mind, I’m going to take a leaf out of John McCormack’s book (have a peek at his very pertinent comment after my last piece of drivel), and despite all the bull, I am looking forward to visiting Lewes. There will be no visits to any pubs (that’s not my bag, baby), but the Dripping Pan is one of my favourite grounds to visit. It’s one of those grounds that if the football itself is rubbish then you can gaze wistfully at the hills over yonder. And I am looking forward to Kim Harris and Frank Wilson taking charge of the K’s, in fact this might be the first game I have genuinely looked forward to since the Brightlingsea home game. My eagerness for that one was misguided as the K’s stunk the joint out, I really hope it’s not this time. And I will take that attitude to Metropolitan Police on Tuesday and Margate next Saturday, well, I’ll do my best.

I am so appreciative of Kim offering to take over in the emergency that we got ourselves into (not for the first time, either…!), and I am sure that he will get the best out of what we’ve got. How good that is, I still have no clue. My ultimate hope is that he can bring some sanity to the football club, because there has been precious little of it at K’s for quite a long time. A win at Lewes would be lovely, but the way the season has gone, what I really want is to stand up at the end of a game (with or without knees popping in protestation) and applaud the team off because they’ve given it everything.

In the meantime, it’s back to my sports results database that I don’t know what the heck to do with because a) I’m not clever enough and b) it’s got more out of hand than…someone who has run out of clever similes…, and recording results from Kazakhstan’s women’s league (men’s league already done…) and then South Korea because it’s listed as Korea Republic and I’m doing the countries alphabetically, it’ll be a while before I get to Wales…