…on feeling impatient…

This is the time of year when impatience is the biggest emotion flying around the brain. The World Cup usually dulls that feeling, and in the last couple of seasons that feeling hasn’t actually appeared at all, but this time around, I feel impatient.

Impatient for a goodly number of things – when is the Bostik Premier fixture list coming out (will K’s ever get a home game again on an opening day?), what are the FA Cup and FA Trophy draws (this time, after the latest restructuring of the non-league pyramid, there the additional thing of what are the exemption lists like), also the League Cup and County Cup draws are eagerly awaited this time of year. I know, realism will kick in later and under-the-breath oaths will be uttered at the thought of having to travel by train to somewhere nowhere near a station and doesn’t have a taxi rank…

Normally, the thought of pre-season doesn’t fill me with the greatest amount of joy – the positive is that it’s a chance to get back together with friends and acquaintances from the club, talk inanely about next to nothing, and then the football gets in the way. Last year, a very nice trip to Hastings, which included the obligatory staring at the sea for a while and being quite pleased to be relaxed on a football day, was ruined after 3pm when the K’s got a mauling from the U’s.

This time, though, pre-season is anxiously awaited. An almost totally brand new squad,  on paper we have added a lot of quality, and whilst last season a similar situation was accompanied by a hesitant feeling, this time around I’m impatient to see the new squad wearing the K’s kit and playing. Trips to Weymouth and Hastings United also adds to the impatience – never been to Weymouth, whilst Hastings is one of my favourite grounds to watch football (though I don’t remember winning there…).

So, yes, I’m enjoying this World Cup so far, but it’s nothing compared to trawling around the south of England following Kingstonian. And then I’ll have something decent to write about…!

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