Not so much “Slough”, too much “ow”

I didn’t make it to Slough last night. This has disappointed me as I wanted to go. Well, most of me wanted to go, but my right foot didn’t have any plans to do anything except be sore. I had to hobble home and be annoyed whilst finding absolutely nothing decent to watch on television. The night “degenerated” into importing Bulgarian B Grupa results into my stupidly oversized database, which isn’t completely a bad thing…Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic and Denmark are next on the list having finished Costa Rica yesterday.

And so I missed another 3-1 defeat, which ordinarily would be a worry but a) we have played two quality teams (one from a higher division) and b) it’s only the middle of July, FFS. By the sounds of it, we didn’t play too badly against the Rebels last night, most of our new guys that weren’t available for the jaunt to Weymouth made their seasonal debuts, one or two names I don’t recognise and a member of the Trialist family by all accounts (it does make me wonder whether therefore I have missed the entire K’s career of a player, hopefully not but this would not be the first time…!).

One reason that I wanted to visit Arbour Park last night was to see what effect moving back to their own patch has had upon the Rebels. I suppose it would have been difficult to ascertain during a pre-season friendly, but for many years Slough Town didn’t play in Slough and I would guess that for an awful lot of those years there would have been little belief that they would ever return. But return they have and on the field at least they are moving in the right direction, and deservedly so. Slough Town look set to join the example that Maidstone United so recently set, a club that was doing so well to be where they were in the pyramid until they got the chance to go home, since when they have barely looked back.

Our time away from the Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames lasted one season, and that was enough. And with the plans that the club has, hopefully forming a company jointly with Corinthian-Casuals that would govern King George’s Field, there will be no need to look elsewhere for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, we have a ground sharing agreement with the hyphens, and whilst it will take a lot of getting used to, and there will be growing pains as such, I am very much hoping that the action on the field makes our second move in as many years as smooth as possible. Everything is easier when you are winning, that’s why last season was in places so desperately hard. But, anyway, the idea of this paragraph following on from the previous one was really to express the hope that, even though we were away from the borough for only one year, even though we are not really that close to Kingston (surely we haven’t actually played in Kingston itself since we left Richmond Road? I was always taught that Norbiton was a separate place…), we can get moving in the right direction again instead of treading water for so many years.

Actually, that brings me to one of the most ridiculous and stupid debates I see from time to time on Twitter. There is plenty of usually highly vitriolic abuse between supporters of Milton Keynes Dons and AFC Wimbledon, naturally so to be honest but ultimately one of the only things I would say is (because it doesn’t interest me very much) that I’m pleased that people have so much energy to waste, if people (not just of these two clubs but any club you can think of, including Kingstonian) put some of that energy towards the betterment of their own club, then they might do well…

But the thing that really gets me riled up a bit is the accusation that AFC Wimbledon “killed Kingstonian.” Notice the past tense in that, that is normally how it is uttered. Now, pardon me, but if Kingstonian have been killed, then who the hell have I been watching since 2001? Who the hell did I write the programme for since that time, nobody bothered to tell me that Kingstonian didn’t exist any more? I must have one incredibly strange and detailed imagination if I’ve dreamed all this stuff up about a dead and defunct football club and put it on a website, Tommy Westphall ain’t got nothing on me (St Elsewhere reference, look it up on Wikipedia). If most of the stuff was put into a fiction book, no publisher would touch it with a barge pole, it’s all too fanciful. If every Twitter warrior who moan to AFC Wimbledon that they killed Kingstonian really cares anything about Kingstonian, they should come to just one Kingstonian match and then, believe me, we’d be bloody rich.

So excuse me if I don’t take part in whinging about the past, what’s happened has happened – I’ve only got so much energy and I want to concentrate on doing my best in the present to try and help make the future better for Kingstonian. Kingstonian hasn’t died, it is not dead, we have not been killed. We may not have been kicking too much metaphorically (sometimes literally during some matches), but we are alive.

OK, I love visiting the Pilot Field, so this former programme editor (I will explain one day why I retired, but if you want any juicy gossip then you will be disappointed) of this very much alive football club that is called Kingstonian is thoroughly looking forward to visiting Hastings for Saturday’s friendly. Adieu, mes amis.

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