In need of an electrician…

Even by the standards of this season, I can barely believe what I’m watching sometimes. On Saturday was another episode in a very disappointing losing streak for Kingstonian.

It was a game that was quite bananas – we started well, and should have been at least one-up at half time. Then K’s took most of…well let’s call it the third quarter, but whatever the time frame, we were not at the races. We were three-down and deservedly so. However, at one-down, the Worthing keeper played a blinder and we could easily have been three-one up.

Once Worthing went two-up, it was a matter of time before a third, a fourth, and even worse for us went into the net, the visitors were absolutely in the ascendency. It was ugly, K’s were poor, indisciplined, arguing amongst each other, no leadership taking responsibility, it was dreadful.

And then debutant Scott Davies, who by now must have been wondering what the heck he has got himself into, scored a glorious free kick. After a stunned delay in reactions, K’s finally woke up and peppered the Worthing goal. Louis Theophanous got another back with two minutes to go, Elliott Buchanan came close to winning a very unexpected point with practically the last touch of the game.

It wouldn’t have been fair on Worthing – they played the whole ninety minutes whilst we went missing for large portions of the match. We got what we deserved, which was absolutely nothing.

And so to the title of this blog – we’re in serious need of an electrician as our spark has gone out. It took so long for it to arrive in the first place, but we didn’t look after it and it’s fizzled away. There are some excuses that are valid, injuries have hit us hard (though whether we’ve suffered more or less than other clubs, I couldn’t say), losing our loan players has hurt (maybe relying on them so much is playing with fire and we’re getting burned), but they can only go so far.

In the last four games, there has been a marked lack of spirit (something that was discussed in the last blog), it feels like we’re in the middle of yet another squad re-build, when things go against us we normally don’t have the stomach to rectify the situation, and there is a tendency among a small number of players to either blame everyone else or to disappear.

The way this is going, I’m thinking that I must change the blog name to “The Weekly Moan”, because that’s all I seem to do, and I really hate that. But with expectations being raised so high, with justification, before the season began, and with those expectations not being met at the current time, and with little sign at the moment of this turning around, I’m just so tired of this season and wouldn’t mind awfully if it ended now.

Tomorrow night against Potters Bar Town is a big game. It won’t solve everything if we do get a win, especially at we’re visiting the league leaders Dorking Wanderers at the weekend, but we must at least show an inkling that we do after all have the cojones for the battle.

What doesn’t help the mood is that I am still possibly living in another time zone, as I made it all the way through the Super Bowl on Sunday night/Monday morning. It may have been the lowest scoring Super Bowl in history, but I loved it. The NFL these days sees more touchdowns, long passes, and more spectacular stuff than ever before, but this Super Bowl was different. It is said that defenses win championships, usually it’s defenders who say that, on Sunday that saying was spot on as the New England Patriots won thanks to an absolute gem of a coaching performances from head coach Bill Belichick and his staff. The Los Angeles Rams hardly got anything going and went from being one of the most high powered offenses in history to scoring the lowest number of points ever in a Super Bowl. And that’s not because they were rubbish, because they weren’t.

I’m not one of those to get on either of the Patriots’ bandwagons, most people either really love them or desperately despise them, but I do love watching them play. But it’s on now to the 2019 season, and I wonder how my beloved (still beloved for some unknown reason) Washington Redskins will find a different way of screwing up. Just when will the Redskins become relevant again? I’m not holding my breath.

Now to start cheering on the New York Mets to see if they can find new and funky ways of not winning. Yegods, I find some stoopid ways of punishing myself…

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  1. Now come on ‘Moosebert’ is the linkage between great coaching, ‘defences win championships,’ the allure of low-scoring games and the incredibly inept Ks’ performances of late deliberate or coincidental. Either way the linkage is there for all to see. The sooner Ks are directed towards a compact ‘defences win championships’ style the better – and the current manager is running out of time to do so. Great blog!


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