Hooray, the season ends this month!

This is a crazy time for so many reasons. Not least that when I begin to scribble these notes, it starts snowing in Croydon. In April. Eek.

We’ve made it to April, and, thanks to our loss to Metropolitan Police last week in the Surrey Senior Cup, we are in to our last month of the season. Just five games, four Saturdays and a Monday afternoon and then it’s bye-bye 2018-19, I won’t miss you at all. If Liverpool do what I don’t expect them to do, which is win the Premier League, then it’ll be different (but I don’t see Liverpool winning every match from now on and, more to the point, I don’t see Manchester City not winning every match from now on), but when it comes to Kingstonian, well, let’s be nice and say this season has been a challenge. As I am typing this, we are before the watershed so I can’t say what I actually think of this particular campaign.

There is still a chance that we could end up getting ourselves relegated, though whilst we continue to search for a win, most of the teams below us continue to do us favours. The gap to the zone of doom is now eight points and we have a superior goal difference so it may as well be nine. With fifteen points remaining to be won by every team in the division, it’s still unlikely that we’ll go down but it’s not a comfortable feeling. If somehow we can get a win somewhere, that will probably sort us out but until then…argh…

The first thing to say about our trip to Margate at the weekend was that I had a chicken burger before the game from the tea bar, and it was glorious. The last two games, at Margate and previous to that at Imber Court, have been excellent for burger quality. I think the current modern word for this type of thing is “nom”.

As for the game itself, workrate-wise there can again be no complaints, the new signings (for there were three more…!) did ok, we didn’t often look like scoring once again but overall against an improving-fast Margate side, we did fine. The Gate got their goal in the 19th minute after a bright K’s start, but whilst our hosts were the better team, we weren’t the quivering wreck that we’ve been for too many months this season. Kim and Frank have done a good job in their three games so far, yes ok Lewes wasn’t good but the last two games have seen a great improvement. Whilst we’ve lost every game, the attitude is getting better all the time and we are getting closer to our opponents and games have been better to watch. I admit that to regard a 0-1 defeat as a bit of a success is silly to say the least and we had a group of players who played for each other on Saturday. That’s a large part of the battle against ourselves that we’re now beginning to win.

Usually when leaving Hartsdown Park, it’s a case of being in a bad mood after another stomping by Margate. This time, however, a strange sense of satisfaction, as some improvement had been seen again, the guys worked so very hard, they played as a team and there lingered a genuine hope that one or two training sessions could see them gel a bit more and maybe we could even look forward to the home game this coming Saturday against Enfield Town. So yes, it was back to the hotel near Whitstable with a not-that-displeased feeling, which was slightly strange by the standards of recent weeks.

So, we found out yesterday where we’re playing next season as we have agreed with Corinthian-Casuals to stay for another year. I can only hope that I do finally get to settle in to the place as we are still not mutual buddies, but maybe a lot of that now has to do with the quality of the football on show. The wires situation in the press box area has been sorted out very nicely, usually there is only one flying about and this is the microphone wire, however I’m still refusing to enter the press box itself if I can possibly help it as the doorway is not compatible for people heighted 6’4″ and above. We’ve had enough stupid things happen this season without having the match day announcer having to enter concussion protocol.

I will be going into Saturday’s game the same as always these days, having no clue what to expect, but if our guys all have the same attitude that they have shown in the last two games then we can have genuine hope for an upset. Hopefully we can get the job done and we can relax a bit more…!

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