Honestly, I don’t like moaning.

But how can I not do so after our fruitless league run now extends to one draw and nine defeats in our last ten games?

This is certainly a time to test a supporter’s patience, if there is any left after the events of the last few months, and Saturday at Harlow Town was another one of those days in which after the game my only thought was the same as for most games these days, which is “what the heck is going on?” Regular readers will know that I understand sweet fa about most things, especially football, but I’m quickly beginning to conclude that there is some secret substance in a Kingstonian shirt that controls players’ minds and enables them to make elementary mistakes that would be disappointing to see in an under 18s game. It must be the shirt, because no matter who plays in it, daft things happen.

Again, most of the issues on Saturday were going forward. In defence, we let in an early goal which was a superb shot (though the shooter was given the freedom of Essex to do so), the third goal right at the end was taking fine advantage of us trying to get forward to get what would on the balance of play have actually been a deserved equaliser, the second goal on the hour mark was the type of poor defending we’ve seen for a couple of years.

Going forward was the same old problem. One good thing blanked out by two bad ones, for example so often we would get into a very good position but the cross almost unfailingly doesn’t go over the first defender and it’s easily dealt with. Several good passes would happen in midfield, the vital one going into the final third would almost always go out of play or be intercepted by a Harlow defence that probably hasn’t been fed this heartily for a long time. So often, good general play and then it’s the old cliche of not being able to do it in that final third. We had some rotten luck on the way with deflections, etc., but most of the time we would do well, get into a great position and fritter the possession away. We did get one goal, from Connor Smith in the 50th minute, and it was a lovely individual goal with a aesthetically-pleasing curling shot, but for the second game running the team second-from-bottom did us in with superior finishing. Yes, the trip to Harlow was most exasperating.

It is being said that 42 points, which our current tally, is enough for us to stay up. First of all, if that type of sentence was uttered in January then I’d have called the utterer a fool (from far away), but secondly, this is what our season has now turned into. For the third season running, we’re in the middle of March and I’m looking down at the relegation zone and wishing we were further away from it, whilst at the same time hoping that not too many teams behind us catch fire and finish the campaign with a tremendous run. Last season we merely flirted with the relegation zone, which only had one going down due to restructuring, two seasons ago we were 99.9% relegated before crawling out of the black hole somehow, this season I’m looking at our team and still wondering where a win, any win, is going to come from.

Maybe it’s a comfort that Saturday’s opponents, Burgess Hill Town, are on a rotten run of their own, having not seen the winners’ enclosure in a league game since 1st January, when they beat Lewes 3-0 at the Dripping Pan. Then again, maybe not. Remember in our current run we have lost three times to teams who were in the bottom two when we played them. It could well be a case of a team who are desperate for points and you know will give it everything they’ve got playing against a team sleepwalking to the end of the season almost blissfully unaware that there could very well be an issue and they may have to look for directions on how to get to Guernsey for the next campaign.

Yep, it’s safe to say that my confidence is shot to pieces. I’m going to matches almost certain that the result won’t go our way and merely hoping for a morale-boosting performance that can be built on so that the elusive win can happen soon. We actually nearly got that on Saturday at Harlow, but we found so many ways of not scoring that it became dispiriting. I don’t know what to expect for Saturday, but I do know it won’t be easy. This is, after all, Kingstonian. Our motto should change to “Nihil est facilis” – nothing is easy. Gratias tibi to Google Translate there…

As I’ve said before, I don’t want to moan. Honest. It would be nice if on Saturday I and the rest of the Kingstonian brood have cause not to. Play up Kingston.

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  1. We will win when least expect it, probably away to Haringey and suddenly the world will seem rosey again, pardon the pun! Until then, it is becoming very tiresome, and I don’t like moaning either. All that said, I’ll wake up Saturday morning, pop the steward’s jacket on and be greeting everyone with the excitement of a teenager at his first match. It’s in the blood.


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