A rough afternoon but we must go again

The inner thoughts on Saturday went roughly as follows: First half, ok K’s are one down, we’ve played well against what looks like a good team, they took their chance, we missed our couple of chances. Not much to worry about. Start of second half, Haringey have doubled the lead but we’ve still got time, we’re still good enough to get back into this. Third Haringey goal follows quickly, oh sod, we’re done. Fourth goal eventually goes in, well game was gone about twenty minutes ago, might be a bit of salt in the wound but that fourth goal had been coming.

That was definitely a rough afternoon for us, but we came up against a very good Haringey Borough team indeed. They were hugely impressive and they were fully deserving of not only the victory but the size of it as well. Their keeper and defence were immense, their midfield overran ours at times, their forward line was almost irresistible at times. On the other side, K’s ran out of ideas in the second half and for the most of it were reduced to hoofing it downfield, where of course it was devoured by the solid Haringey defence.

Whilst the defeat looks like it didn’t hurt too much in the sense that we didn’t zoom down the table, we can’t afford more days like that if we’re to take ourselves seriously as potential promotion candidates. Another thing we can’t afford is to have too many players proverbially not rolling up their sleeves and fighting when things are not going our way. It’s something I’ve said about K’s (and indeed Liverpool) for a while, regardless of who is manager, sometimes we’re really good if the other team doesn’t attack back. I thought we were getting rid of this idea but obviously it lingers. You can’t rely on blowing the opposition apart early in a game without a Plan B – if we did have a Plan B then it was either ignored or rubbish in the first place.

However, any moaning about K’s on Saturday needs to be balanced up with deserved praise for Haringey Borough, who on the day not only raised the bar, but were the bar. There’s definitely a good thing going on up there in North London, and they were certainly the best team I’ve seen this season.

The other main K’s thing this week has been the leaving of one of our forwards. Mo Faal was definitely fun to watch and agonising in equal measures, I always used to say that if he doesn’t know what he’s going to do then how the heck is the opposition going to know? He did good things for us last season, gave us some great entertainment to round off a perfectly awful season and scored some important goals that eased our stress about potentially getting us relegated. This season has been different for a variety of reasons, but he was vitally important in our win over Margate.

The planet Kingstonia has once again descended into hysteria, by ‘eck it doesn’t take much to do that, to say that certain people are touchy would be a major understatement, but I haven’t got the time or energy to either linger on this story or put up with the general up-in-arms-ness of people. Bottom line is no-one apart from the club and the player knows what’s gone on, and in my opinion if a player (or anyone else), no matter how good or invaluable they may be, shows an inclination of wanting to be elsewhere, then something needs doing as fast as possible, and in this case it was job done, move along. Players, managers, officials, everyone comes and goes (sometimes programmed on repeat), it’s always been that way and always will be, as I said, just move along.

Even though I’m not going as I’m off seeing Martians engage in mass slaughter (see previous blog), I’m still thinking about the game against AFC Hornchurch. Of course it’s not going to be an easy game, but it’s a good opportunity to bounce back from last week’s bad day at the office, a good chance to put in the shift required to get good results. The guys know how to do it, they just get to get off their proverbials and do the work. I trust in them to do the job, and if we have reached our Birmingham hotel in time, I shall be avidly watching footballwebpages and urging the lads on from over a hundred miles away. Will the Martians landing in Birmingham rather than Horsell Common give them a better chance in this war of the worlds, or do they get stuck in Spaghetti Junction and die a horrible death trying to find the right exit… Ulla!

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